Jochem Galama (born 1972, Amsterdam) studied in the 1990's at the faculty of Industrial Design at Delft, University of Technology, the oldest and for decades recognised as one of the best design faculties in the world. After finishing his Masters in Industrial Design Engineering, Jochem started Contour Industrial Design Solutions, a versatile design agency aimed at designing and developing products for the domestic environment. Due to knowledge on strategy, marketing, ergonomics, construction and production techniques combined with designers skills and a clear aesthetic, Contour produces designs that add value to the market. Contour believes that close cooperation with its clients, “co-creation”, is essential to come to successful products: to outsmart global competition, you need to use the knowledge and strength of the client in an innovative way to create products that fit the company’s profile. Though Contour specializes in furniture, and is especially passionate about chairs, our creativity extends to many other areas. Out of these diverse perspectives we try to innovate by combining and translating products and technologies to other markets. In 2005 we developed the first fully upholstered outdoor furniture collections in the world, the Barcelona and Milano, leading to the fading of borders between indoor and outdoor furniture. ************************************************************************************************************ Jochem is working in different related fields: industrial product design and styling, design thinking/ visualisation, strategic (product) design and branding, 3D-modelling and technical documentation (CAD-drawings), 3D-prototyping (ULTIMAKER 3D-printer), design education at Delft University of Technology(design practice, methodology, embodiment design, design for cultural impact). ************************************************************************************************************ My goal is to add value using my skills (design thinking, strategic analysis, creative facilitation, visualisation/visual thinking) and by using my knowledge and experience as a MSc in Industrial Design Engineering. ************************************************************************************************************ Specialties:Concept design, styling and visualization of products. Visual thinking: capturing and translating complex issues, data into accessible infographics/cartoons.